Learn directly from 4x College Nationals medalist and Pro racquetball player, Jeremy Dixon.

  • In Jeremy Dixon’s Dynamic Racquetball Movement Drills, you’ll get Jeremy’s MOST VALUABLE footwork and agility drills to step up your game and make you more fluid, coordinated, and well-positioned on the court.
  • Come to a much greater understanding of how to anticipate the bounce of the ball and the opponents serve, and position yourself much earlier to avoid getting jammed or out of balance on your return.
  • Get an overview of Jeremy’s favorite agility and footwork drills for better court coverage.

Dynamic Racquetball Movement Drills by Jeremy Dixon

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Improve Your Footwork Dynamics With 4x College National Medalist And Racquetball Pro, Jeremy Dixon - As Well As Improve Your Court Coverage, Agility, And Positioning For Optimal Movement On The Court

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What Will You Learn?

Jeremy will teach you that while speed is important, it is nothing without proper footwork and positioning, aided with the proper drills to execute it. In Jeremy Dixon's Dynamic Racquetball Movement Drills instructional, you will learn his most valuable tips that led him to be one of the top college racquetball players in the nation.

You will come to a much greater understanding of how to anticipate the opponent's ball to allow yourself to better prepare your positioning for your return. Coupled with the footwork drills you will learn, you will be a better player with more consistent results after applying these techniques and principles.

You will be walked through some of the most important dynamic movement drills in Jeremy’s arsenal. After taking these principles and applying them to your training, you will find you have better court coverage and ultimately better footwork to ensure you’re in the right position at the right time to hit your return.


 So, What's On This Series?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Overview 
  • General Footwork Concepts 
  • Common Mistakes Against The Wall
  • Returning Drive Serve
  • Advanced Drive Serve Footwork
  • Aggressive Drive Serve Return
  • Strategy For Return Serve 
  • Lob Returns 
  • Lob Z Return 
  • Backhand Nick Lob 
  • Forehand Lob Return
  • Foerhand Lob Z Return 
  • Lob Nick Forehand Return 
  • Open VS Closed Stance For Rallies
  • Star Drill Overview
  • Star Drill Right Front Forehand 
  • Star Drill Left Front Backhand 
  • Star Drill Right Mid Court Forehand
  • Star Drill Left Mid Court Backhand 
  • Star Drill Backhand Back Corner 
  • Star Drill Forehand Back Corner
  • Star Drill Live
  • Random Star Drill Intro 
  • Random Star Drill Live

Part 2:

  • Mini Star Drill Intro
  • Mini Star Drill Live 
  • Shuffle Cone Drill 
  • Shuffalo To Buffalo Intro
  • Shuffalo to Buffalo Backhand
  • Shuffalo To Buffalo Forehand
  • Drive Serve To Mini Star Drill
  • Forehand Back Wall Drills 
  • Backhand Back Wall Drills 
  • Drop And Hit Backhand
  • Drop And Hit Forehand 
  • Forehand SetUp Drill
  • Backhand SetUp Drill 
  • Toss And Cross 
  • Solo Pinch Drill
  • Partner Pinch Drill
  • Drive Serve Left 
  • Drive Serve Right And Lob Serve
  • Lob Serves Left

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