Get the fundamentals behind dynamic pickleball action with these tips from highly successful competitor Daniel De La Rosa

  • Daniel De La Rosa is a pickleball Pan American champion who breaks down the game to show you how to get the edge in every game
  • Use these tactics and drills to level up your skillset and serve, return, dink, and more with the right body mechanics

Fundamentals Pickleball by Daniel De La Rosa

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Learn All The Fundamentals To One Of America’s Fastest-Growing Sports From Pickleball Pan American Champion Daniel De La Rosa

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What Will You Learn?

Join champion pickleball player Daniel De La Rosa as he takes you through all the fundamental skills that you’ll need for success on the court. Use these lessons for the best strategies and skills on any pickleball court, including some of Daniel’s personal keys to victory.

Rally, serve, and play the best pickleball of your life with these tips from pickleball insider and guru Daniel De La Rosa. He’s coached many players to the best form of their lives and he can help you achieve real results on the court with this instructional series.

The real game lies in the fundamentals, and you can master those with these lessons in pickleball! If you are new to the game, or just want to brush up on the basics, this series can help you learn this exciting sport from a new perspective. Daniel teaches you how to serve the ball, rally back and forth, and lay in dinks and drop shots with maximum result.


So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

  • Introduction 
  • Dinks
  • Third Drop Shot 
  • Ground Stroke 
  • Backhand 
  • Serve 
  • Fast Hands
  • Movement in the Kitchen 
  • Footwork in Singles
  • Doubles Strategy in the Kitchen 
  • Overhead Shot 
  • Serve Drills 
  • Doubles Drill 
  • Reset Drill
  • Return to Serve 
  • Footwork Drill 
  • Beginner Practice 
  • Final Words


So, What Exactly Does It Cost?