Join racquetball pro Daniel De La Rosa as he shows you how to forehand, backhand, and more

  • Become a more dynamic racquetball player with these strategies, techniques, and workouts
  • See how a pro does it when it comes to the key mechanics to a successful forehand and backhand shot

Owning The Court: Racquetball by Daniel De La Rosa

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Learn The Forehand and Backhand Fundamentals That Can Bring Your Racquetball To The Next Level

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What Will You Learn?

Get elite racquetball instruction as Daniel De La Rosa shows the forehand and backhand fundamentals that players of any level can use to get better. Daniel is a racquetball professional and instructor who can help show you the body mechanics and keys to victory that you can use for faster improvement than ever.

Learn how to place the ball and add power with every swing, as Daniel shows you step-by-step his keys to success. Each shot can become a powerful and precise shot that adds to your overall game as you use the same tactics as the pros.

Get lessons and drills in forehands, backhands, pinches, and shots down the line that can help you play better than ever. Daniel shows you drills you can do to sharpen up your cross court work, your pinch splat, and your down the line shots.

3 Step Court Coverage

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

  • Introduction
  • Forehand
  • Backhand 
  • Drill
  • Forehand down the line 
  • Pinch 
  • Cross court wide angle pass 
  • Drill for down the line
  • Pinch splat drill 
  • Cross court drill 
  • Backhand splat 
  • Backhand Pinch First Splat 
  • Backhand cross court 
  • Forehand drills 
  • Pinch splat drill 
  • Cross court backhand
  • 3-Step Court Coverage 
  • Outro 

Cross Court Drill

So, What Does It All Cost?