Learn How To Play Racquetball From The Best, Alvaro Beltran, as he shows you classic winning fundamentals

  • Alvaro Beltran is the first-ever Singles and Doubles World Champion
  • Alvaro shows you proper form and strategies that are proven to work on the pro circuit and can work for you too

Classic Racquetball Fundamentals by Alvaro Beltran

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Use These Racquetball Fundamentals Tips From World Champion Professional Alvaro Beltran To Take Your Game To The Next Level

Alvaro Beltran Can Have You Serving, Passing, Backhanding, And More With The Finesse And Technique He Has Perfected

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What Will You Learn?

Take your racquetball to the next level with Alvaro Beltran’s lessons in fundamental techniques. In any sport, it is the fundamentals that matter most and now you can build a solid base to use the next time you hit the court.

Master the important body mechanics and techniques to serving, so you can deliver the ball right where you want it. Drive, lob, z-serve, and more with these key insights into each one, how to do it right, and when to use them. With lessons in positioning after serve and jam serves included, this can give you a much more complete understanding of how to start every game with a solid serve.

Learn how to move and return on the court, with lessons from Alvaro Beltran in backhands, splat shots, ceiling shots, and more, you can become more dynamic than ever. Alvaro includes drills and workouts you can do to improve and make these lessons a reality in your game.

Splat Shot Backhand

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

  • Intro 
  • Drive Serve 
  • Lob Serve 
  • Lob Nick
  • Z-Serve
  • Lob Serve to Left
  • Lob Z-Serve to Right
  • Lob Z-Serve to Left Side 
  • Jam Serve 
  • Jam Lob Serve 
  • Positioning After Serve 
  • Down the Line 
  • Down the Line Backhand 
  • Splat Shot 
  • Ceiling Shot 
  • Splat Shot Backhand
  • Ceiling Ball Backhand 
  • Crosscourt Pass Backhand 
  • Crosscourt Pass 
  • Reverse Pinch
  • Reverse Backhand Pinch 
  • Quick Tip 
  • Receiving Position 
  • Doubles Setup 
  • Doubles Court Coverage 
  • Drills 
  • Quick Tip
  • Ball Control Drill 
  • Outro 

Reverse Backhand Pinch

So, What Does It All Cost?