Learn about Mastering the Drive Serve from the #22 Ranked pro racquetball player in the country and E-force athlete, Thomas Carter.

  • Understand valuable tips on weight distribution and Thomas’ uncoiling method to provide you with information on how to be efficient in your drive serve, jam serve, and lob serve.
  • Make your first shot the most powerful weapon by learning exactly where to position yourself upon serving and how to couple the ball drop with your swing to ensure great ball placement to make it more difficult for your opponent to return the ball.
  • Unlike the drive serve and jam serve, the lob serve is much more subtle and requires a lot more precision than power, but moreover, you will learn the ideal court positioning after serving to make sure you are prepared for your opponents return.

Mastering The Drive Serve: Racquetball by Thomas Carter

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Take A Walk Through Thomas Carter’s Most Valuable Drive Serve, Jam Serve, And Lob Serving Techniques - Including Court Positioning Tips To Ensure You’re Prepared For Your Opponents Return

What Will You Learn?

Thomas Carter is and racquetball instructor, the #1 Ranked racquetball player in the state of Illinois, and the #22 Ranked player in the country with over 90 career wins.

You will be guided through some of Thomas’ most valuable tips to executing a more polished and refined drive and jam serve. Thomas Carter’s Mastering the Drive Serve instructional will tell you everything you need to know about where to derive your strength and power from in the server, weight distribution in the lower body, and how to uncoil your serve motion for efficient and effortless serving.

Not only will you learn precisely how you should uncoil your body leading with the hip, core, shoulders, and finally the wrist; but, you will also come to understand how to consistently hit your serve low on the wall but still serving it well past the line.

Master your jam serve by learning how to hit low on the ball while still getting your serve to land low on the side wall, forcing your opponent’s reaction to get you ahead in the point right off the bat. You will come to know Thomas’s keen knowledge on footwork, especially in regards to getting behind the dotted line as quickly as possible upon hitting your lob serve. Each of these key tips will ensure you have a more solid and well-rounded serve.


So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Introduction and Philosophy
  • Equipment
  • Drive Serve Basic Mechanics
  • The Drive
  • Diving Deeper With The Drive
  • Deceptive Tactics
  • Relocation On Ceratin Court
  • Drive Serve Footwork
  • Box Drill
  • Major Mistakes
  • Minor Mistakes
  • Z Serve Concepts
  • Chest High Z Serve
  • Z Serve Left VS Right


Part 2:

  • Jam Serves
  • Lob Serve
  • Lob Serve Footwork
  • Strategic Lob Serves
  • Specialty Serves
  • Serve Sequencing
  • Staying 1 Step Ahead Lob Serve
  • Drive Srve Left
  • Drive Serve Right And Lob Serve
  • Lob Serves Left
  • Drive Serve Left And Right
  • Z Serve Left And Right
  • Jam Serve Left
  • Perfect Practice